Excavation Work in Montreal, Laval and Surrounding Areas

Site Preparation

When excavating, two factors must be taken into consideration. First, you need to determine the type of soil on the site. Is it clay, sandy soil or regular soil? Next, determine whether the site is for commercial, industrial or residential use. The excavation will be performed taking that information into account.

Proper excavation preparation is a crucial step for making sure your asphalt will last.

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Clay Soil

To provide a good base, it is crucial to excavate clay soil to a depth of two feet (24"). Following that, a membrane will be installed, with one foot (12 ") of sand and one foot (12") of 0-¾ gravel.

Professional compacting equipment such as the industrial roller is used to tamp down the area.

Sandy soil

Sandy Soil

For sandy soil, the required excavation is just one foot (12 "). Since sandy soil absorbs less water than the clay soil, there is no need to go any deeper.

Next, approximately one foot (12 ") of 0-¾ gravel will be added and compacted with professional equipment, such as the industrial asphalt roller.

Sandy soil

Regular Soil

Regular soil should be excavated to a depth of one foot to a foot and a half (12" to 18"), depending on the soil. Then, 8 inches of 0-2 ½ stone and 10 to 12 inches of 0-¾ gravel will be added and compacted with professional equipment.


Excavation for commercial or industrial sites is similar to excavations for residential sites. However, since there is often a lot of truck and van traffic on this type of site, it is important to take this into consideration and create a stronger base. As a result, all excavations will be a minimum of one and a half feet (18") deep.


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